Enter the Void


Well, welcome to my new site.  A bit different from the old one, eh?  Yeah, I know.  For those of you coming here looking for the Aeris fansite (for the band Aeris, not the videogame character), I've decided to remove the site.  Aeris is dead anyway, no matter if they are playing again or not.  Since Zero Love is gone, they'll never be the same to me.  It is a shame, though.  They only got two songs released, and since I live several hundred miles away, I never really got to hear them.  Oh well; good things all must come to an end some day.


For those of you looking for my "CJ's Just Stuff Website," I just wanted a change.  For one thing, I got tired of the lack of communication with my guests.  No one complimented, complained, or even had an expression of indifference about my site.  And that upset me, because I had aimed my website toward giving my guests the best possible experience I could give them.  Well, I guess that backfired.


So, now, the new website is merely for my own enjoyment.  The rest of you can piss off.  However, I'm still going to put things here that I think are interesting; pictures, writings, whatever.  That is, things that I think are interesting.  If you don't like it, I don't give a shit.  If you do like it, then more power to ya.  Either way, please feel free to email me with your comments, complaints, suggestions, praises, and whatever.  Just, please, no junk mail (chain letters, etc.  Unless if you really think I'll be interested, don't send it please), or spam.  Thank you.


Anywho, Let's get this show on the road.


(Warning!  This site has music and sounds.  I just don't want to scare you with sudden noises coming from your computer )